AB Texel is a well-known name in the agricultural and haulage sector. More than 450 AB Texel combinations drive across the Netherlands and large parts of Europe every single day, transporting table potatoes, seed potatoes, flour, and animal feed, and occasionally smaller cargoes of various other agricultural products.

We organize the transport end-to-end, from the grower to the processing plant and the producer.


Dealers, processors, and distributors set high standards for the transport of goods and they know they can trust AB Texel implicitly for quality, speed, flexibility, customization, and food safety.




New name: AB Transport Group 

As from 1 January 2016 AB Texel, Butter Group and A-ware Logistics will operate under the name AB Transport Group. Since AB Texel acquired Butter Group in June, we have been working hard on the unification of the two companies as well as the merger with A-ware Logistics. The new group will be taking on a new name and logo. 

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