Welcome to the AB Texel UK Website

AB Texel UK’s fleet of 65 units and over 150 trailers transport a wide variety of bulk agricultural and other products across the UK and a large number of European countries on a daily basis direct from the grower to factories, processing plants and storage facilities. Managed by an expert team of traffic schedulers, our customers benefit from the latest satellite real-time tracking and positioning systems and years of expertise in efficient logistics.

Our company has invested in the most up to date lightweight tractor units. This lowers the combination tare weight of tractor and trailer enabling us to carry up to 4 extra metric tonnes of gross load, to a maximum of 31 tonnes which provides the following benefits to our valued customer base:

  • Larger carrying capacity significantly reduces daily and weekly bills
  • Productivity is increased resulting in better customer margins
  • More economic loading reduces the carbon footprint

All AB Texel UK vehicles are equipped with the most up-to-date real-time tracking, management and communication systems to enable us to advise customers on exact delivery schedules – see the Tracking page for more information on this powerful customer support system.

Partnership and Custom Services

Quality transportation of goods demands more than simply delivering them from one place to another. It needs the highest standard of vehicles, the most up-to-date trailers appropriate for the contents, attention to food safety and state of the art satellite tracking and highly experienced traffic management staff. AB Texel UK has made significant investments in all these areas and more to provide the finest service to the industry across the UK and Europe.

Food safety and HACCP (ISO 22000)

Guaranteeing end to end food safety demands the highest quality management of the entire process; product, storage, transfer, transport and processing. AB Texel UK plays an important role in this chain. Our logistical systems are fully organized to comply with HACCP and other requirements. To meet these exacting standards, we pay a great deal of attention to hygiene, administration systems and ensure that our team receives the highest level of training in the industry.